Thoughts from the Sujuwa think tank

New Employee Experiences

Dev team at work

Here we go...

Most newcomers think: What it is like to start working in a new company? How a trainee or junior fits in and what to expect from the first weeks? I know it more than well because I am Sujuwa’s most recent draft, Riku. With little or no working experience, I was excited to see how my career would start as a Software Developer. I had no expectations at all but my first month has been great.

Introduction to Hashes

Dev team at work

Yo I heard you got mathematics in your hashes

Hi! I’m going to walk you through an incredibly useful concept called “a hash”. When talking about software, it’s something you bump into very often. If you like to understand how programs work under the hood or to understand algorithms more deeply, this article may be useful for you.

Are you another consultancy company?

“Are you another consultancy company?” is a question I heard from a student in the FallUP 2017 event. This question seemed to get stuck in my head. Why does it sound like a bad thing to be a consultancy company? It’s somehow like being blamed, are you one of those… Are we, Sujuwa, another consultancy company? While playing around with this thought, I first found myself analyzing what it means to be an IT consultancy.

A Month of Working in Spain

As autumn creeps in and the days turn shorter in Finland, part of the Sujuwa development team relocated to sunnier pastures for a month in Spain.