Helping launch the future of mobile operators

How we help to reshape the future of Finnish mobile operators.

  • Challenge:

    Mobile operator startup Moi wants to completely reshape the way mobile operators work in Finland. That is not easy, since unlike in other parts of Western Europe, Finland’s mobile operator network market has traditionally been protected.

  • Innovation:

    The core of Moi’s business model is looking at things from the customer’s perspective. As a next generation mobile operator, Moi can tailor and develop their services for selected target audiences in a more agile way.

  • Solution:

    In addition to overall consulting, we have been directly working with Moi in a multitude roles from customer UIs to enterprise back-end system. We've also helped integrate Zuora subscription billing service.

  • Result:

    The goal of our partnership is to ensure that Moi’s customer-focused business model will be 100% evident also to consumers from day one.

Zuora integration

Zuora is a subscription management platform that spans across commerce, billing, and finance.

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