Starting somewhere

Here we go...

Most newcomers think: What it is like to start working in a new company? How a trainee or junior fits in and what to expect from the first weeks? I know it more than well because I am Sujuwa’s most recent draft, Riku. With little or no working experience, I was excited to see how my career would start as a Software Developer. I had no expectations at all but my first month has been great. First off, who am I? I am a 21 year old IT student from the University of Helsinki. With no experience of jobs from my field of science, I am truly a beginner. Being a student, you can guess that flexible hours are a big thing for me. Fortunately, I have the freedom to work whenever and wherever I want which totally surprised me. Combining my studies with Sujuwa has been really easy.

Most important thing for me was that despite my background, I was right away treated like a professional. I had full control of how I wanted to work, with what equipment and where. That also correlated with the amount of responsibility I was given. I was thrown into a huge project right away which was like starting to learn swimming from the deep end of coding pool. Luckily, I also have a couple great mentors (including separate instructor Aleksi, who guided me with company principles and common stuff). They helped a lot with getting to know the projects. This way, I never felt restrained due to my trainee status. It was more like I was encouraged to do and achieve things by myself. Of course, criticism is a constant part of learning but here it is served between two thick layers of praise.

Besides the daily work stuff, there are a couple of things to mention. Hierarchy is non-existent, one of the pros of working for a small company. Soon, I was having lunch with everybody and I was also invited to the pre-christmas party before even signing any contracts - of course I was in! It’s always nice to get to know other employees outside of the office too and in a few days I felt like home. There are also many other things than just working when we are at the office. I have never before had office yoga but here it was possible and actually encouraged too :) Learning is also encouraged during workdays and we have special activities like hackdays and Torttu-thursday to help with that. Torttu-thursday is one day of the week when we serve torttu (cake or other pastries) while you present some new technology you have been working with or something else that interests you. This way you get constantly better while working and you don’t get stuck with your own schemas and ways to work with.

So far only good stuff, what about cons? Well there is a huge one. Coffee machine is always empty of grounds. Luckily, the fridge is still full of ice cold Red Bull! ;)